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S’il est vrai (If it is true): A Poem

As the golden orb doth sink slowly into the blue sea

And the clouds turn a soft rosy hue

I look out over the bluff and learn what you meant to me

I recall the love that I once saw,

and the dream of which we carried, just us two.

So we wondered in thought no cares no laws

But now I contemplate if it is true

If I can find some way to see

If I can look beyond and believe I loved you

S’il est vrai; I shall wonder evermore—

And every passing hour the golden light will slowly sink away

And erase my memories and the folklore;

Of the wondrous times we did spend that day

And you told me what your mother once said:

Vous aurez toujours se demander s’il est vrai.


(Elegy, lyric poem)