How I Met Your Mother

I may have told you once before

How I met your mother

She was standing by the science lab, and I hit her with the door.

She got a terrible black eye, and mascara in the other

I tried to apologize, but she then slapped me in the face

“I meant no harm,” I said, but your mother flounced away.

Of course I followed her, but she proceeded to spray me with mace.

Blinded, I called out, “Perhaps you’d like to have lunch today?”

“But Father, I’ve heard this story twice before, and you’ve changed it a ton!”

“Hush, son! I’m not done!” “But Father—”

“Be quiet! I’m telling you, the story’s only just begun.”

“Well, I was just curious, because if Mother finds out she’ll be quite a bother.”

…And with that, I asked out your mother

She didn’t concede very easily, and her opinions of me varied;

But you see how well it worked, as now we are married. Image

(Comedic poem, end rhyme, internal rhyme)

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