The Storm


The house is black and the wind howls out back

Lights of candles sputter, mutter, then die out.

Shadows creep along the floor, creaking, squeaking at the door.

Another clap, another ZAM! And KA-POW, the storm has frightened the lamb.

As a raindrop makes its way down the window, as if it is shedding a teardrop.

Once again the wind moans, groans, then is whisked back to its wintry throne.

Now the clouds part, birds chirp and dart, as the rain diminishes.

So now over is the storm, the weather is back to norm,

And I release my clutch on my father, one I did not let go of much.

The storm has passed, it did not last.

See here for there is a robin, there is a deer. Springtime is back over here.


(Internal rhyme, onomatopoeia, hyperbole)

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